2/28/17 – Press Release – Vehicle Theft Suspect Arrested

Recently, property thefts from vehicles throughout the San Ramon Valley have increased. In response, San Ramon Police Officers have been conducting increased patrols of areas impacted by these thefts. Last night, during one of these proactive patrols, a San Ramon Officer observed an individual associated with a stolen vehicle parked in the parking lot of a Fitness Center in the 4400 block of Norris Canyon Road.

The driver of the vehicle, Lawrence Phipps (a 22-year-old resident of Antioch), was contacted and Officers determined he was on probation for a previous conviction of California Vehicle Code 10851 (Vehicle Theft). Phipps arrested for violations of California Vehicle Code 10851, Penal Code 496 (Possession of Stolen Property), Penal Code 466 (Possession of Burglary Tools), and Penal Code 1203.2 (Violation of Probation). Following his arrest, Phipps was booked into the County Jail in Martinez.

Moving forward, San Ramon Officers will continue to conduct increased patrols in an effort to proactively combat these thefts and ensure the safety of the San Ramon Community. With that in mind, please do your part as well. San Ramon is a safe community but crime does take place. In almost every recently reported theft, the victim left their property in plain view inside their vehicle. It only takes a few seconds for a criminal to break a window, reach inside to grab your property, and be gone. Do not give a criminal the opportunity they are looking for. Protect your property and take it with you!

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19 thoughts on “2/28/17 – Press Release – Vehicle Theft Suspect Arrested

  1. Excellent work! Thanks for what you do. Now we just need the judicial system to do it’s job.


  2. There are times the criminal justice system can be very frustrating Janet…we understand how you feel and there are times we have the same thoughts on our end. We can only do our jobs as well as we possibly can…after that it is out of our hands.


  3. Have any of the stolen property been recovered? I unfortunately am one of the victims of the auto theft. They even took my prescription glasses.


  4. So happy to hear of the Good News ..we in the past reported two suspicious characters looking into car windows, as we came out of a restaurant here in San Ramon. SRPD came to assist the situation quickly as the two men tried to get away I am Proud of our Community and Thanks to the San Ramon Police Officers for doing such a wonderful job!


  5. WHY was this man out of jail on probation? If you Google his name, he has been arrested multiple times for robbery, auto theft, burglary etc, going back to 2012 when he was 18. Thank you SRPD for getting this career criminal off the streets. Now it’s up to the judicial system to do their job.


  6. Great work! Thank you for your dedication to our community. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.


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