Press Release 08/7/18-Missing/Runaway Juvenile


JUVENILES FOUND:  In the evening hours, on 08/07/18, both Taylor and Estella were found together in Fairfield California.  They both appear to be okay.

The San Ramon Police Department is actively searching for 14-year-old, Taylor Cusick.  Taylor was first reported missing on Tuesday, July 31st, 2018.   Investigators from the San Ramon Police Department have followed up on countless leads and have interviewed numerous friends and family members.  Investigators have obtained and examined Taylor’s phone records and broadcasted a Statewide Critical Reach flier, which contained Taylor’s information and a brief description of the events leading to the time in which she was last seen by family and friends.  The flier was sent to all State and Federal agencies.  Investigators are continually following up on comments and posts on our social media platforms, as well as those of her friends.

What we have learned during this investigation is that Taylor packed several bags of clothes and told several family members and friends she wanted to run away by August 1st.  We have not discovered any evidence or suggestions of foul play.  Investigators believe Taylor made a deliberate choice to run away. Although this may have been intentional; the San Ramon Police Department does not take this lightly and is doing everything we can to locate Taylor.

During the investigation, several tips have indicated Taylor may be with another runaway juvenile named Estella Nading.  Although Investigators have not verified if Taylor is with Estella, they do believe Estella may have information as to Taylor’s whereabouts.   While there is no indication of foul play involved, we are still concerned for Taylor and Estella’s well-being.  If you have information regarding Taylor and or Estella’s whereabouts; please contact us via our 24-hour dispatch at 925-973-2779.  Pictures below:  Estella and Taylor, Estella and Taylor.



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