Incident Summary Log – 10/30/17 thru 11/5/17

In our continual effort to keep the public informed on what is going on in San Ramon, we publish a weekly summary report detailing incidents handled by the San Ramon Police Department. All incidents where victim confidentiality is a concern have been removed from this log. This includes, but is not limited to, incidents involving domestic violence, crimes against children, sexual assault related crimes, and medical incidents involving patient confidentiality.

The report is in Excel spreadsheet formal and viewable on a mobile device. However, to enable the search function, it must be viewed through Excel. When searching incidents, use the street name only, do not include the type of street (Road, Court, Way, etc). This will eliminate incorrect negative searches due to the use of an abbreviation different from what is contained in the report. For example, use “Crow Canyon” only when searching; do not use “Crow Canyon Road.”

Click on the link below to download this week’s Incident Summary Report.

IncidentSummaryReport 10-30-17 thru 11-5-17

The disposition code, as entered by our Officers at the conclusion of the incident, is included in this report. For your understanding, a brief explanation of the meaning for each code is included below.

AIC – Accident Investigation Case

ARR – Arrest made

C – Cancel

CON – Contact made during incident, no report written or desired

DUP – Duplicate

PCIT – Parking citation issued

RTF – Report to follow

STC – Service to citizen

TCIT – Traffic citation issued

UNF – Unfounded

UTL – Unable to locate

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