Press Release- Joint Police/Fire Award Presentation for Local Hero.

On 8/30/17, at 4:37 PM, the San Ramon Valley Fire District 911 Emergency Communications Center received a cellular telephone call from 10-year-old San Ramon resident Tevin Kuruvilla. Tevin reported that he and his father, Shoji Kuruvilla, had been swimming together in the family pool, when his father became unresponsive. His father was now unconscious and floating face down in the water

The Communications Dispatcher quickly assessed the information being provided by Tevin, asked him pertinent questions, and provided him with concise prearrival rescue instructions. Tevin maintained the presence of mind during this extremely stressful emergency situation, to provide his address and give details regarding his father’s condition. This allowed the Dispatcher to provide lifesaving instructions to him. Tevin was able to turn his father onto his back, determine that he was not breathing, and provide rescue breathing as instructed by the Dispatcher.

San Ramon Police Officers arrived on scene and found Tevin seated on a ledge at the deepest portion of the pool, with his arms wrapped around his father, while administering rescue breaths as instructed. Even though Tevin was sitting on a ledge, the water was up to his own chest. Responding to his son’s rescue breathing efforts, Tevin’s father began to cough and regain consciousness. Two SRPD Officers were able to remove the father from the pool, laying him on his side in an attempt to facilitate recovery until San Ramon Valley Fire District personnel arrived shortly thereafter.

Tevin is being recognized by the San Ramon City Council and the San Ramon Valley Fire District, for his clear thinking and quick heroic actions, during an extremely stressful emergency situation, that resulted in his having saved the life of his father. If not for Tevin recognizing his father was in danger, his quick reaction to the problem, and his continuous composure throughout the emergency, his father would surely not have survived this incident. He will receive the San Ramon Police Department’s “Chief’s Award” for saving a human life and the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District’s “Lifesaving Award.”


SRPD Badge-Transparent Background Cropped

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