Social Media Terms of Use

San Ramon Police Department Social Media Terms of Use

This is an official social media communication forum for the City of San Ramon. For more information about the City of San Ramon, please visit This site is intended to serve as a mechanism for communication between the public and the San Ramon Police Department on the listed topics, and as a forum to further the mission of the Department. Any comment submitted to this page and its list of fans and/or followers may be considered a public record which is subject to disclosure according to the California Public Records Act. Public information requests must be directed to the Public Information Officer, Captain Denton Carlson at

Terms of Use Guidelines 

Comments posted to this social media forum will be monitored and inappropriate content will be removed as soon as possible and without prior notice. The City of San Ramon reserves the right to remove inappropriate content, including, but not limited to:

​• obscene language or sexual content

• content that threatens or defames any person or organization

• content that incites violence or references killing anyone

• content that reveals police tactics or that could compromise officer safety

• content that could compromise a police response to future crimes or incidents.

• content involving a confidential personnel matter that will be investigated by the Department.

• content that reveals victim information

• content that violates the legal ownership interest of another party

• content that promotes illegal activity

• content that is repetitive or duplicative

• content that promotes commercial services or products.

The City of San Ramon disclaims any and all responsibility and liability for any materials the City of San Ramon deems inappropriate for posting, which cannot be removed in an expeditious and otherwise timely manner.

Before posting on this social media communication platform, please review the following:

• In case of emergency, call 9-1-1.

• If you need non-emergency police assistance or want to report suspicious activity, please call our 24-hour dispatch center at 925-973-2779.

• Do not use this page to report a crime.

• Please be mindful of the Terms of Use Guidelines posted above, and ensure your post does not violate those guidelines.

• This page is not continuously monitored by employees of the San Ramon Police Department. It is monitored as time allows by members of the San Ramon Police Department’s Public Information Officer Team.

• Posting information related to a crime on this page is not deemed anonymous. You may be contacted by an employee of the San Ramon Police Department if you are a witness to a crime.

• Any use of the “like” feature between the San Ramon Police Department and a private person does not indicate endorsement of that person’s actions or comments.

• A posting or comment on this forum constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Use.

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