Live Alerts

If a critical incident, public safety emergency, or situation impacting a large portion of the San Ramon Community occurs, we will post timely and essential updates on this page. An example of what those might look like is included below.

Example Update #4 – Sunday, 12/18/22, 8:45 pm – San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District personnel have fully contained the fire roughly 250 yards east of Derby Drive.

Example Update #3 – Sunday, 12/18/22, 6:10 pm – Thanks to the work of the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, forward progress on the fire west of Derby Drive has been stopped.

Example Update #2 – Sunday, 12/18/22, 3:25 pm – High winds are pushing the fire toward the Derby Drive area and the Bollinger Hills neighborhood. No evacuation order has been given, but residents in this area should be prepared to leave.

Example – Sunday, 12/18/22, 2:55 pm – A wildland fire has been reported in the hills west of Derby Drive. San Ramon Police and San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District personnel have responded and are assessing the risk to residents on Derby Drive and in the Bollinger Hills neighborhood.

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